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  • MMP057: Your Questions Answered

    MMP057: Your Questions Answered

    Today I’m going to be answering some listener questions. There’s been a bit of a flurry of activity on the voicemail, so I thought I’d take an entire show to answer those questions for you today. As usual, after the main body I’m going to look at the most recent reviews that have been left by listeners, and announce the next session topic. If this show is of any use to you, it would help me massively if you would […]

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  • MMP056: Life Stages [Podcast]

    MMP056: Life Stages [Podcast]

    Here we are at session number 56 , and we’re going to be talking about Life Stages. As we go through life, our financial needs change, just as most of our other needs and wants change. For example, you never hear my 4yo nephew hankering after the new iPhone, or my 73yo father fretting because he’s run out of protein shake. Yes, at different times we need different things, and in this show I’ll be covering all the major life […]

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  • MMP055: How To Talk To Your Partner About Money

    MMP055: How To Talk To Your Partner About Money

    Here we are at session number 55 , and we’re going to be talking about how to talk to your partner about money. I’ve said before that in any relationship, a financial partnership is the optimum position. If both partners are working towards the same aims and both have fully engaged with the budgeting process, then that’s perfect. Unfortunately, not everyone is in this position, so what should you do if you’re the one committed to nailing the budget each […]

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  • MMP054: Investing In Shares [Podcast]

    MMP054: Investing In Shares [Podcast]

    Here we are at session number 54 , and we’re going to be talking about investing in shares. This is going to be a kind of beginner’s guide, giving you the raw basics. It won’t be exhaustive, because this is a big subject, but hopefully if you want to dabble in buying individual shares, you’ll know enough by the end to get started. By the end of this session though, you’ll know why I think direct investing in shares isn’t […]

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  • MMP053: Budget 2014 [Podcast]

    MMP053: Budget 2014 [Podcast]

    Here we are at session number 53 , and we’re going to be talking about one of the most radical budgets in history from a personal finance perspective. Last week I said that I wasn’t expecting anything too radical in the budget, but if it turned out I was wrong and that there was some good stuff to talk about, then I might, possibly, devote this week’s show to it. Well it turned out that after 45 minutes of fairly […]

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  • MMP052: Giving Money Away [Podcast]

    MMP052: Giving Money Away [Podcast]

    Here we are at session number 52, and we’re going to be talking about How To Give Money Away. I know, right? You thought this podcast was about helping you to become and stay wealthy. Well that’s exactly it. I mentioned in Session 48 that being rich is about having lots of money, whereas being wealthy is having the ability to fully experience life. No idea who said that, but it sounds good to me. Also, back in Session 32 […]

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